About Us

Get to know us and our story!

Ragan Johnson

This picture sums it up pretty well, in my fathers junk yard where it all began. Just a good old working class american gearhead. Born and raised in North Carolina, growing up in my father's body shop. Turning wrenches on my power wheels to teaching myself how to ride on 2 wheels. Buying and fixing anything with an engine that I could catch a good deal on. Hard work and a passion for what you're doing will get you where you want to go. No matter where you came from, we are all chasing our versions of the american dream. Small Business owner is mine.

Alona Hilliard

Ragan introduced me to buying, fixing, and selling anything with a motor in 2020. I have loved it since and I've learned so much! I started riding dirtbikes at 22 and motorcycles at 24. My favorite so far has been my Honda Shadow 600, awesome beginner bike! Although I'm late getting on two wheels, once I started there was no stopping. I absolutely LOVE it! I enjoy working on my onroad and offroad "toys" and learning anything I can about them any chance I get.

Our Story

Everyone has a story, you could say ours began with a mutual love of taking something old and ugly and making it new and one of a kind. We often struggled finding good name brand parts at affordable prices, let alone locally to us. Ordering online was always hit and miss, mostly because customer service has always been an online issue. Honestly thats where our idea for Phoenix Powersports first began. What started out as a joke we would throw around at each other while working on things together, quickly became a reality. We visited Florida on New Years of 2022 and instantly knew we wanted to live here. Never did we expect this dream to become a reality, especially so quickly. We decided to remodel and sell our home and make this dream come true. July of 2022 we officially moved to Daytona/Ormond Beach, FL. Thats when the journey really began! Our Store started out as an empty canvas for our dream, a canvas we hand painted and created all our own way. Phoenix Powersports is our idea of how a powersports parts and accessories experience should be. This unique cool store is our way of giving people just like us the opportunity to experience the powersports parts and accessories industry in a new way.